Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy / Site Terms of Use

Warlon Co., Ltd. ("Warlon") and the website operated by Warlon ("Warlon Site") acknowledge the importance of the user's personal information and are devoted to protecting personal information through promotion of the following initiatives.

1. Basic policy

Warlon sets forth provisions for the handling of personal information and complies with related laws, regulations, and other codes including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information ("Personal Information Protection Act") and the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") while maintaining an organizational structure that is devoted to appropriate management.

2. Scope of personal information collection

Warlon may collect the user's personal information (information determined by laws and regulations related to the Personal Information Protection Act, including that by which a specific individual can be distinguished, such as name, address, occupation, place of employment, phone number, email address, IP address, cookie identifiers, and other descriptions) to the extent required for the delivery of products, sending of document requests, answering of inquiries, etc.

3. Purpose of use with personal information

Warlon uses personal information for the purposes stated below. Should Warlon change the purpose of use, the user will be notified of the revised purpose through the method prescribed by Warlon.

  • For sales and shipment of products, catalogs, and samples
  • For the provision of information, services, e-zines, etc. regarding Warlon and Warlon products
  • For the handling of inquiries regarding Warlon product sales and services
  • For notices to the user following changes to Warlon policies, terms, and services
  • For marketing research
  • For provision to affiliates and contractors to the extent required to satisfy the objectives of service providers, etc. and the aforementioned items

4. Disclosure/provision of personal information to third parties

Warlon does not provide personal information to third parties except in the following instances:

  • The user's consent has been obtained
  • Disclosure/provision of personal information is required by laws and regulations, etc.
  • The personal information collected is contracted to a third party (agency, information source, affiliate advertising company, service provider, etc.) within the scope of the purpose of use.
    If contracted to a third party, the third party shall be thorough in the appropriate management of the personal information.

5. Security

Warlon takes the appropriate systematic and technical security measures to protect the personal information of the user and prevents the unauthorized use, loss, and modification of the personal information. When necessary, Warlon notifies the relevant authorities and data subject based on the applicable privacy laws and regulations.

6. Retention period

  • By law, Warlon archives the user's personal information only as long as needed to achieve the objectives outlined in this policy unless a longer archive period is required or permitted.
  • The Warlon Site user may at any time request Warlon to delete their personal information.

7. Use of cookies

  • The Warlon Site may use cookies to offer the user a convenient browsing experience, using them only to recognize their browser and attain browsing status, and not to collect the user's personal information.
  • Almost any browser employed by the user enables cookies by default. Browsers can be set to disable cookies and notify the user when cookies are to be sent. However, if cookies are disabled, the Warlon Site's and other sites' features and services may not function properly.
  • Warlon uses Google Analytics and other analytics tools useful in measuring traffic and usage statistics for the purpose of understanding how visitors access the website and how they use it. Information gathered by cookies is used as statistical data to improve Warlon's website. Refer to the Google Analytics website for further details.

8. User rights on the Warlon Site

  • Access to data
  • Reception of data
  • Revision or renewal of data
  • Deletion of data
  • Objections, restrictions, and grievances

Should there be dissatisfaction with Warlon's handling of a request by the user or should a grievance exist against Warlon's method of processing the user's personal information, the user may file their grievance to a data protection authority.

9. Links

The Warlon Site may include links to third party websites. Warlon bears no responsibility in regard to personal information gathered on those websites. Refer to the information on the linked website regarding its protection of personal information.

10. Revisions to the privacy policy

This privacy policy is reviewed and improved upon, as necessary, in accordance with changes in laws, ordinances, the social environment, etc.

11. Inquiries

Please send inquiries regarding personal information to the representative below:
Warlon Co., Ltd.
7-21 Chihara-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 453-0011, Japan

12. Site terms of use

  • Information listed on the Warlon Site is subject to copyright, etc., and unauthorized use is thus prohibited.
  • Although the Warlon Site is open to links to the Warlon Site in principle, Warlon declines links to the Warlon Site from websites with contents violating public order and standards of decency. If adding a link to the Warlon Site, please contact the following with the URL of the linking page.

  • Please note that information on the Warlon Site may be revised or deleted without advance notice.